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The role of the petrochemical industry is to transform natural gas and petroleum derivatives into raw materials which represent the basis of various production chains.

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02.The alcohol industry in Mexico

The Sugar and Alcohol Industries in Mexico have a long tradition and have therefore become one of the nation's leading agro-industries, currently cultivating approximately 650 thousand hectares of sugar cane; the sector has unlimited possibilities for use, both in terms of energy and industry.

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03. RUN PROJECTS 2012 TO 2016

Our company develops long term business plans with our clients which allows us to implement individual projects seeking strategic alliances that facilitate better integration of the business where we highlight the costs and mutual benefits that we pass on to our customers.

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Welcome to Chemical Products zor

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS ZOR, Inc. DE CV was founded in 1996 by Mr. Eduardo Rodaheli Zornoza order to distribute chemical solvents, specialty plastics and engineering resins Import.

Our approach is different from our competition because operations are aimed at meeting the Mexican market in which we have experience of over 25 years.

The Zornoza Rodaheli Eduardo has spent over 25 years in the chemical industry in Mexico graduated the National Polytechnic Institute (ESIQIE) Industrial chemical engineering.

Our Mission

The mission of CHEMICAL PRODUCTZ ZOR Inc. is the distribution of domestic and imported chemical and petrochemical products aimed at satisfying the industrial market, providing timely competitive prices, under safe operating conditions and the quality agreed upon.

Furthermore, we are searching for new technologies aimed at the replacement of processes and products that affect the environment or human health. To achieve consistency in our mission, we have developed a strategy that enables us to have the lowest operating costs in the market allowing us to be competitive at all times.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the national leader in the distribution of mostly imported chemicals, solvents, and specialty engineering plastics.

We are continuously seeking to be at the fore front of new product and process technologies, quality systems, facilities, safety, training, development of our employees and above we strive for full satisfaction of our customers.

Our customers will always benefit from solid and long term relationships and by the provision of quality products that are handled with the utmost care.